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I don't get it

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As a father you can get away with even modding the stroller if you buy enough flowers to your wife.

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instinctive tra...
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you are not Ivan. just why are you pretending to be him? "enough flowers to your wife"? http://upthechimney.blogspot.com

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hey Jim,

I remember seeing these about a year back at the one club...I believe they tout the things you can get away with thanks to flowers.

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This is just stupid! Like anyone would want that. It's a shame because some of the ads in this series is quite nice. I think they should stick to the realistic ones. When you have such a great benefit there's no need to go silly.

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This campaign is way too confusing. I had absolutely no idea what the hell it's talking about without an explanation.

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Heuheuheu...I also think so. You don't have such luxurious time to explain the idea to the target audience, guys.

Perhaps a little line-editing would help, such as "Buy your wife flowers!". Well, it's just an amateur opinion after all. =)

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Well, as a guy in the target market, I thought this one worked well!
I want them wheelz on our stroller!

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Anyone who is confused about the meaning of these ads should eb embarrassed. They could hardly be more simple.

Great ads.

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