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Have Heart
Activity Score 922

Great campaign!

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Activity Score 1142

Yeah this is a great campaign, saw it sometimes ago, but still like it.

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andres certa
Activity Score 18

hehehe, nice. maybe needs a little color.

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Activity Score 73

finally, an ad that let say me: "i wish it was mine"

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focus group
Activity Score 146

true. that campaign is so cannes. great job!

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Scam Detector
Activity Score 1048

A really great campaign!

(Only thing is that all this stuff may fit when they place it along/against the other wall...)

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Activity Score 1047

Fun and fresh. Unlike my armpits.

liar's picture
Activity Score 384

unlike the other two, carpet can be tailored accordingly.

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Activity Score 8528

So true, this one fails. Others are just great!