Cargill Salt: Pinch of Love

Add a pinch of love

These posters for Cargill Salt populated the subway station in NY. They grabbed the attention of food enthusiast by illustrating how different people use different pinches of salt adding- love, inspiration or originality.

Advertising Agency: Carmichael Lynch, Minneapolis, MN, USA
Creative Director: Andy Clarke
Art Director: Puja Shah
Copywriter: Tim Gillingham
Retoucher: First Base
Published: April 2007


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Jitendra Oberoi
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boring idea. If u have no idea then add a pinch of love.

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who the hell is Carmichael Lynch?

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Carmichael Lynch is an ad agency in Minneapolis. they have done some really great work over the past few years on Harley, Porsche, Gibson and Cargil. i love these ads

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i don't get it…

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salt means love? that's new to me. then i would say "i don't SALT this idea."

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