Carep Costruzioni: We Were There, Star Trek

Advertising Agency: Tita, Italy
Executive Creative Director: Giuseppe Mazza
Creative Director: Giuseppe Mazza
Art Director: Lorenzo Fischetti
Copywriter: Elisa Zugno
Photographer: Stock Images
Published: June 2011


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Seriously, this should be in the exhibition forum.... Embarrassing.

No one cares about child labor, eye donation or saving the Earth: NO PSA!!!

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Tough category to advertise in. Strategically I like that the client has focused on the people who live in the homes rather than the actual bricks and mortar.

I like the campaign, and I suspect consumers will as well.

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For a series relying on history to prop it up, I'm wondering how much research went into this one. If this is supposed to be a pic of a Trekkie from the 70s, she'd have to wait a fair few years until she could watch the entire series on VHS. Too many holes to hold interest.

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