CARE: Prosperity

After World War II, CARE Packages filled with food and supplies provided immediate relief to survivors. Today, what CARE gives people in need can’t be contained in a box. Your CARE Package helps provide struggling families and entire villages the tools and training to improve basic education, prevent the spread of deadly diseases and expand economic opportunities for good.

Advertising Agency: Brunner, Pittsburgh, USA
Creative Directors: Rob Schapiro, Lindy Gross
Art Director: Derek Julin
Copywriter: Kevin Corfield
Photographer: Vincent Dixon / Brite Productions
Published: November 2013

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dean viii
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Well. You have a cool idea. But waaaay too much copy. All it needs is a tag or end line. The job of a writer is knowing when not to write. Actually, that's also the job of the CD, ADS and AE.

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