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I agree with jerry that the ad is what some might consider bland, but lets not forget other factors involved like the client.....feels like they had their fingers all over this... regardless congrats for getting on AOTW

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This is a decent campaign. I think the reason some people may find it "bland" is because they are used to looking at fancy shmancy stuff. Well, consider that this was done for a most likely conservative client, who also happens to be in the financial services sector. I only have one little cavil. Shouldn't the headline read "...measured not just in dollars, but decades too"?

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I will agree with you...

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Being defensive doesn't help you improve. This forum is harsh because we are all in the industry. It is crucial to be critical and separate great works from mediocre ones.

I don't find jerry's comments offensive. This series IS indeed lacking of a concept, is not eye-catching and the copy is just so-so.



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