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Mr. Moustache
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VERY GOOD handling of the adapted artistic resource to the advertising one that it is really the aim of this forum.

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ahmed ragheb
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hey it's NOT MARILyn MANSON's EYE !! nor the eyeshadow

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nyc work best way to attract a target group compare their idols to some other famous ones...........myt nt b fully ryt in case of rock fans........but gud add tho.....

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good good!

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if I was paid for each time I saw Mona Lisa on an advertising I would be rich!
cmmon be more creative
this is so blah to me sorry

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GillSans is seen everywhere and that ads appeal to your username, but only to designers and typographers who recognize it. Mona Lisa being so recognizable is what makes putting a rock star's head on it work. Especially one who is highly recognizable by the desired target audience. It may be an old device, but it works.

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