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clarencemsantos's picture
Activity Score 32

best of the series for me.

Mama's picture

Nice concept, the art direction cold have been better though.

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Scam Detector
Activity Score 1048

And HOW would you have done the Art Direction better?

musback's picture
Activity Score 355

why? These days most ads look like they came from perfectoworld... nothings's natural about them anymore which often gives a strange-ish feel with which people can no longer identify.
imo of course
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Blessilda Mok
Activity Score 117

One of the rare times we see an interesting car ad. Congrats to the team.

addyong's picture
Activity Score 155

This is the best among the series...

everartz's picture
Activity Score 7609

i think the art direction been done at its best.. nothing will add a value to the concept and the layouts...


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stereodeluxe's picture
Activity Score 176

artdirection is a+, i think. espeacially for asia!! can clearly keep up with any work from germany. only thing bothering me in this one is the mobile carwash sign. 2 much.

SirFar's picture
Activity Score 141

Yup, it's spelling out the idea. Plus it looks fake. Apart from that, cool concept.

Guest123456789's picture

cool, a car that doesn t get dirty or what?
mal pa caralho

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kevin goh
Activity Score 8

This is the best of the series. Well done for the agency and team which created it.

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Big Friendly Mo...
Activity Score 159

Yeah would you have done the art direction? The art direction is definately an A+...Cool idea and Great Job Guys!

clarencemsantos's picture
Activity Score 32

best of the series for me.