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me thinks
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These guys know women very well. Great work.

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was done in south africa a few years ago (by lowe i think). for a ladies night at a bar, where all of the cars in the car park are parked like this. was alot funnier.

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Shut Theory
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and i have seen once an AD where they used the idea of cars parked on top of each other :) it is global! and they are all funny and great

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Good work..

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Nice JOb guys!

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hey, i am a women, i don't park like this. but, a funny one. ha. nice.

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yeah it's true that not all women are terrible drivers, but i do know quite a few, and they are actually aware of it.


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this is really funny. feminists would be in uproar if this was ran in the states. i'd love to see that.

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Great and simple. What more would one want?

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funny and insightful. a bit discriminate though.

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Women can't drive or park very well... is insightful?
Are you serious?

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Shut Theory
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i love it :) but truth is, when i first saw it didnt link it to women, but when i read the copy it was funny... as for discrimination, there is nothing wrong in not being the greatest drivers!! women should NOT feel offended by this, they do other things better ;)


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Done. Lady's Day at Golf at 2004.

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Very insightful considering Female drivers in most parts of the western world receive cheaper car insurance than men because they are better drivers.

There’s nothing to cause an ‘uproar’ over. It’s just not based on a truth, more a stereotype.

Besides that the two logos are unnecessary as well as 'Women only' sign off.

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Good insight

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tamer samy
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Women are women everywere :)

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hahahah....im a woman, and i do drive like this! so i totally relate to this!!!

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And are we also to assume that women everywhere are also rally car drivers or like getting their Polo painted in racing colours? Another spot on insight.

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Shut Theory
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FINE FINE FINE FINE FINE FINE, it doesnt matter how many times it has been done, its an announcement, and the hint is globally understood, so why not reuse it?


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Yes, why bother doing anything original ever? Let's keep reinforcing tired old stereotypes and reusing old concepts. How inspiring.

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Shut Theory
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u cant get 100% original work! its rediculous, what makes it original if there is nothing "less original" to compare it to? on the other hand some times u just get tired! the audience get tired. reuse! reuse reuse reuse! its like wearing up for a client meeting EVERYDAY, sometimes u need to wear your sports shoes and ripped jeans and relax...

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Should you really be in a creative field when you don't believe in creativity?

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way to aim high. you're a credit to creatives everywhere.

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Shut Theory
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look creativity has nothing to do with this, there is business that needs to be run, people need "believe it or not" to communicate their message in a more fashioned way, now u might think this is bad for creatives, but whether creatives want to admit it or not, they are not the center of this universe... (engineers are :P) there are new markets, new channels, new type of products, even new stereotypes, if (you creatives) dont reuse old ideas in new flesh, or dont step aside sometimes, well, nobody cares! because crap is gonna show up anyway, and if im not part of making that crap at least more acceptable, it is going to show... so reusing ideas seems like hell of a way to relax and take charge, because i remember when i talk to anyone about a great idea, they freak out, and they go do it their crappy way, why let them? give the other 90% of humans a chance!

that was why i said, its fine to reuse "sometimes", because the outcome is still better than the crap we see, this has nothing to do with compromising, anyway u should be happy those crappy things keep showing up, ur crappy ideas "well directed" make them look good! its ironic that other regular people dont seem to care

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I'm sorry, but it's never fine to re-use ideas. It's lazy, immoral, and detrimental to everything creative people are trying to do with their lives. If you seriously believe what you're saying, I suggest a change of career. Commit to something you believe in. Otherwise, you're just wasting your and your employer's time.

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Shut Theory
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well im an engineer!

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The ideal qualifications to get yourself out of this one.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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actully i like it, its linked and funny
good job guys

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Shouldn't this be for Asian drivers?

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and my guess is u must be very good in parking

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It's old, It's done.
If the people don't respect the fact that it's done. Never gonna see something new.

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Oh, please. Great stuff for 1958, maybe.

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sorry, But...whether it links to the way like what a woman sitdown?

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