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why do you think this is cool? only for the art direction?

the idea itself is brilliant executed shallow idea. dont let the production level fool you.

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the washer-dryer line was probably written for the 'fabric' subject (next layout), and slapped on to this picture as well.
was it, creative team?

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the translation is wrong. this one talks about a car wash...

not my favorite piece of work. but my favorite city in brazil....

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can anyone tell me about a better country to do advertising than UK and brazil??
this is amazing art direction...

| Everartz |

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Why do you think this is an amazing art direction?
A darken layer over the brighten one, some dust on the screen, a transparent part of the body and a hand holding that washing stick. Plus, the mirror efect is wrong. From that position, we should see more of the arm, not the shoulder.

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If you guys knew how to speak portuguese you'd know that this makes no sense. The image may be kinda clever, but there's no message going thru.

I'm sorry, but this is very bad.

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I am agree with Lol, this is bad! First the idea, done I dont know how many times for all this cleaning products. If you look on Archive magazine you will find some of these ads. Than you have the retouch. It is like Chiscoast said, the position of the body is wrong. Come on guys, there is a lot of art directors here, lets see this small details.

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chriscoast... im sure you havent seen much of the brazilian work posted here and/or your new to be an art director!!!

| Everartz |

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is the dirt inside?

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