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1494 pencils

seems like ivan is scraping the bottom today. guess every day can't be a winner.

ellehcimeo's picture
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as my previous post about the house said, it looks like it would take even longer to afford this car. that doesn't interest me. tell me how HSBC can get me into that car today!

PaulyG_fill in the blank's picture
PaulyG_fill in ...
1148 pencils

ha, exactly! I see Feb in there like six times - so it's gonna take me six years to get this car? I think the visual/idea is very cool, but it does complicate the message.

copywriter.txt's picture
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The ad don't have enough space to show the number of months that you need to have this car now.

Cooxie's picture
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Any connection between these ads and this artist or did someone use someone else's idea?

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Hmm, i actually dig on these ones as "Understandable" and efficient prints for costumers. Definetivily not a brilliant concept, but has a very nice visual.

lsadunb's picture
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Although there's a Silver Lion Argentinean Campaign with the same concept, better executed and for the same client (HSBC), I like these ads. Very persuasive.

Nthngmn's picture
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the illustrations on these are very well done. beauty.

jacksonrabbit's picture
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While the illustration is good this doesn't strike me as the best way to show the idea.

sold's picture
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not good

justpassingby's picture
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this is so bloody literal.

Rog's picture
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Cool illo. Loose the 'ground', unless where buying real estate as well.

good enough isn't good enough

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

SL's picture
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Well, it is a $109,000 BMW M6. I'd wait a few years for it. Nice illustrations. Idea could be better.

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me thinks
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done to death idea.

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I kinda like these, though not inspiring. They get the message through. It's now about what you can get now, but what you can get in the future because you invested now.

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I don't like that copy. Doesn't feel right to me. Not really a flowing sentence

...and let the poets cry themselves to sleep. And all their tearfull words would turn back into steam

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the best one of this campaign is the tv-spot...

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what's prakash verma doing there?

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chintan ruparel
1516 pencils

like the art a lot...

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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Your AD makes me think that every little saving you do today will count later in your life.
So, it clicks. Good One!

Rattan Makkar

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