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chintan ruparel's picture
chintan ruparel
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cn anyone smell a nice ambient idea here?

nyway...i absolutely love th camp...nice work!

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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Activity Score 227

It was done for ambient long ago >

Forced idea, why will such a gigantic Zippo appear everywhere?
Air France have done a better job for this kind of visual pun.

Chris's picture
Activity Score 1985

agreed, they could have at least put a dude in the foreground who is just about to light up a cigar or something.

sakibafridi's picture
Activity Score 167

Crap execution - all three, especially the 3rd. Suggest to redo it and shoot it for real.

Spanky's picture
Activity Score 4899

ok for student work. crap if you're getting paid for it.

pieter's picture
Activity Score 216

even for student work this is pretty lame. sorry

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Activity Score 486

hhahahahahahahhahahahah...........mmmmm no way...wait this is not student work? this is from a real agency.......the end is near sooon.

This is not a Big Bad Fat Madafaka

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many fasinating work so far from them.

Rog's picture
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Yep. Like your thinking Raverus! :)

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Activity Score 66

Very 80th, crap execution