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Wow, very nice!

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Don't get it.

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The visual is a foot print of a stiletto. And a female lower body

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Ahhhh... didn't get it

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that's quite a generous female lower body. needin' of some nair.

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That is some deep stuff man. Definately for the brave.

Art is real freedom

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ypyng chong
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niiiccee one.

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ps: dear colleagues, before posting "don't get it" or "doesn't make any sense", please look up word "stiletto" in the dictionary, if English is not your first language....


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so, are you holding a long sword? genius

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i think this is a good idea but the problem is that visual is not sexy
and it should/could have been

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uhmmmm... ZZzzzz....

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I really like it. But i feel not many will get the ad in the first instant and also the copy composition in the lay-out is not right. But still, made me smile.

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I got it, but I don't really like it. It feels very "so what" to me. Yes, it's the footprint of a stiletto, but what's the second-degree thinking on this? A woman with a small head and a big butt? A guitar pick and a pea? Pfft. Feels empty and uninspiring and gives me no insight to the product.

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Haveing sex with a man is a lot better and fun

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Wow, it took me all of 2 seconds to get this. I am amazed by how slow some of you are. If you couldn't tell that the stiletto footprint makes the woman's belly button and pubic hair and that the pink background is her skin, then I really worry about your deductive abilities. I think just about any average person will get this. This is an excellent visual solution.

Makes me believe a lot of you out there still haven't found the arrow pointing right in the FedEx logo or the smile in the LG logo.

Great job guys.

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Thank you Bernstein! As you can see I DID get it at first sight (see first comment) but I never saw the arrow in FedEx, funny. The LG-smile I did see.
Anyways, this is indeed a nice ad and ditto illustration.

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Since when is bush sexy? Yeesh.

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cool visual solution, but... the ad have a sex-appeal to men.
who is the target?
so, good visual solution, very weak as an ad.

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Thought it was a guitar pick.


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Good effort. Hard to get, requires more time than it will get. I don't like to reinforce traditional layouts, but this one would've worked better with the copy in the bottom.

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Oh baby!

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Not sexy.

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It's OK... didn't get it immediately, don't think people will understand the double visual

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Its cool

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Brave. . . .Really brave!

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Luis Maram
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I think it is a good design. I like it a lot... but I can't get out of my mind a very similar work from the International Bienal Poster in Mexico in 1992. I don't say it's a copycat; first one is from Finland and this one is canadian, but it is just a sample of how similar are the ways that designers walk into. If you wanna see it, I posted them in my blog, here:

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I got it.

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Dig deeper. No, the ad is good enough.

Jaggy, MICA Ahmedabad

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Oh, my god....

It´s just a footprint!!!!

Don´t you understand it ?? really???

You might be a man

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so, you, a girl, are the target, right? ok, do you feel atract by this image of a female genitalia?

this ad its not good just because it is "talking" with the wrong audience.

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those shoes need a shave.

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haha nice

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but not selling


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Mr. Right
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I hate to bash others work, but this same idea of the silhouette of the female privates has been done many many times. Right of hand...Playboy. If I think or see the others I will let you know. Plus does this ad appeal to your demographic?? mmmmmmm no!

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If that's meant to be her bush then boy, she needs a trim!

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Nice twist but trim it baby.

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hmm...personally, i saw the footprint right away. didnt get that it's supposed to be a womans nether region lol

very clever, not too suggestive but daring no less

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cooooooool heel print.....

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