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Ah, I get it. So, Capitulo plays 80s music, huh? Clever!

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Great art direction on these. Copy could use some tweaking.

Saludos a mi gente en DR y "la nota diferente"!


I think, therefore... yeah.

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I like this but why is the entire campaign using only video game references.... that i don't get.

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In my openion: because back in the 80's the only methods of "private entertainment" are the portable game consoles named "game & watch" and your magnetic-tape-based "walkman".

Now, the sound of these "game & watch" things was really poor & monotonic. It only consisted of sound fx for what the character itself is doing from jumping to grabbing an object.. etc, so for one to be truly immersed & isolated he has to put his headphones with his personal music on.

By time, music attaches to the visuals of the game, and one brings another, meaning if you see the character you used to play for endless hours, you'll definitely remember the music. These were iconic game characters back then, Donki Kong, Supers Mario.. etc.

That's what I think. Have a nice day. :)

Marwan Ragheb

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i love it

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lovely. the message is very strong.

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Garlos Sánchez
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Great art direction!

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