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Simple and effective. Very nice!

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seen this type of visual so many time

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why? why?

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I know my reference framework is a bit off-sides, but this still reminds me of Rammstein's "Mutter" cover art...

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is it just a foetus? or is there somethig more that the pic says?

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Foetus with her fingers crossed = She doesn't know if she'll make it.

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Bit forced but Like it!

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jaya singh
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crossed fingers, seems as the baby doesn't want to come out to the brutal world................
beautiful imagination.....

Jaya Singh

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Just from the wording on the ad, it's not about the fetus doubting the fitness of the world, it's about the fetus hoping she isn't aborted because her parents had testing done and found out she's female.
Female Fetuscide (or Female Foeticide, depending on spelling) is the abortion of a fetus because the fetus has been determined to be female.

And even creepier? The photo is likely posed using an aborted fetus.

Reasonably powerful image, though.

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Strong image. Great ad. But unfortunately, I don't know how much impact it will have on the kind of people who actually abort a child based on its sex.

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very hard hitting

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i don't know this is scary stuff

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