CapeTimes: Power cuts

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Advertising Agency: Lowebull JHB, South Africa
Executive Creative Director: Mathew Bull
Creative Directors: Rui Alves, Kirk Gansford
Art Director: Chris Charoux
Copywriters: Domineque Silva, Lee Naidoo
Retoucher: Rob Frew


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Is that a satellite image of a blackout in capetown?
Could someone please explain the relevance?

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You wouldn't be able to get your news online if there was no power. Buy the newspaper in print edition

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come on people, pick up a freakin newspaper (excuse the pun). south africa has been experiencing power outages recently. for hours at a time, blocks of neighborhoods have their electricty cut for up to hours at a time. this ad addresses this in the tongue-in-cheek tone that has become the voice of the Cape Times.

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right.. so this newspapers point of difference is that it is, erm, a newspaper.

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I don't get this ad at all. And I'm a South African! Are they trying to say that there was no power in the whole of SA on January 10, and that there was power the day after, because the world had changed? Either way, that's patently wrong, because the blackouts we've been having have been "load-shedding" blackouts, affecting different areas of the country at different times - so the satellite picture of a completely blacked-out country can only be construed as a lie. Not a great way to sell a newspaper, and totally out of synch with the other ads in this campaign, which at least made some sort of sense!

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Cool Ad, you must be an South African to understand.

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