June 2016
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A hot topic in South African politics at the moment is the African National Congress’s proposal of a Protection of Information Bill. If enforced, the Bill could have drastic consequences on South Africa’s press freedom. However the outcome of the debate surrounding the proposed Bill affects not just the media, but all South Africans. It challenges the very freedom that people like Steve Biko strived for. (Biko’s death in police custody would have been concealed by the apartheid government were it not for journalists standing up for the freedom of the press.) This ad gives a deeper insight into the debate, and offers readers of the Cape Times a broader perspective so that that they can know all about the proposed Bill and its ramifications on South Africa’s future.

If it wasn’t for the independence of the press, Steve Biko would’ve starved himself to death.

Advertising Agency: Lowe Bull, Cape Town, South Africa
Creative Director: Kirk Gainsford, Alistair Morgan
Art Director: Lisa Hodgkiss, Sibulele Zihle
Copywriter: Alistair Morgan

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This is very sad - there is a great concept, a great story, but a very bad implementation. The layout is dull and would have benefited greatly from more vibrancy and an image of the photogenic man himself. What makes this worse is that I can read the headline, hundreds of words, be told a deeply meaningful story, and yet unless we go all the way to the final third we don't know what the message is.
Even writing something in the quotes or headings would have worked.


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