Cape Argus: Kim Jong

By 2pm it's a different story. Cape Argus. Twice Daily.

Advertising Agency: King James, South Africa
Chief Creative Officer: Alistair King
Executive Creative Director: Devin Kennedy
Creative Director/ Art Director: Dan Berkowitz
Senior Copywriter: James Armstrong
Account manager: Sherilee Cook


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Sorry for the whining, but in the age of news refreshed every 30'' on internet news sites, you really think that twice daily is a strategy to build upon?

Newspapers are dying and this looks like their death delirium.

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You are wrong. Life is about something more than checking news every 30". People get news once a day and then live their life. Newspapers won't die in the nearest future.'s picture
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Good point of view

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Nike Diesel
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Don't feel Temple's wrong at all.
And I am sure millions of people around the world check their news more than once a day.
And newspapers ARE dying all over the planet - good/sad but true.

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Great work!

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