Canon: Woman, 2

Vision first.

Advertising Agency: Dentsu, Beijing, China
Creative Director: Hiroshi Yoda
Art Director: Wenjin Chen
Copywriter: Xianfeng Zhang
Photographer: Lao Bai

April 2008


laksh08's picture
111 pencils

perfect punch

unlimilove's picture
57 pencils

I like the packshot

"Some of my best friends are softwares"

nice gaijin's picture
nice gaijin
815 pencils

pretty photo, and I love Canon, but this is pretty weak.

as an aside, is that the sword from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon? And what's up with the outline around the blade, is that just a crappy photoshop?

dangerdude's picture
58 pencils

the mask reminds me of a Nikon's grip. since when does canon have the red as a trait?

vote4pedro's picture
4601 pencils

their logo has always been red. but the ad sucks.

puppiepoppy's picture
1634 pencils

I liked the proportion of the ad...but other than that, everything else sucks!

mrtalented's picture
2171 pencils

looks like ad from the 80s

Big Friendly Monster 822's picture
Big Friendly Mo...
159 pencils

i like the ad! but she's a ninja but with a chinese sword...doesn't make sense does it. But i like the simplicity though.

Dedhie Rihadi's picture
Dedhie Rihadi
12 pencils

nice at the first sight!!! yeah.. after read the can you read my mind!!? Like it

Saatchi Makak's picture
Saatchi Makak
246 pencils

There's something here

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