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February 2011

The Canon Powershot S90 is a thin, light and compact camera, recommended for people who want better quality photographs, every time. Its optically stabilized zoom feature results in sharper photographs that are much richer in detail. Our campaign is directed at tourists, one of the main targets for the Powershot S90, for whom this feature is of great use. To demonstrate the stability that this camera offers, we show statues taking pictures of each other.

Print advertisment created by FCB, Brazil for Canon, within the category: Electronics, Technology.

Canon PowerShoot S90
With optical image stabilizer

Advertising Agency: Giovanni+Draft FCB, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Adilson Xavier, Ricardo John, Benjamin Yung Jr
Art Director: Henrique Del Lama
Copywriter: Marcelo Jun Sato
Photography: Getty Images

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CuriousPencil's picture
Activity Score 4225

Really funny idea, interesting choice of subjects. Absolutely nothing to distinguish Canon from any other camera brand though. And please, do we need image stabilisers to photograph STATUES?

While I'm there, I just hope nobody starts spoiling the fun by saying "Canon, perfect for photographing 2-year olds' pee-pees."

mr.x's picture
Activity Score 998

I hear you. But they probably chose statues as subjects because statues are still, right? "every photo is like a photo of a statue" due to the image stabilizer funtion. Something like that.

CuriousPencil's picture
Activity Score 4225

I severely doubt they thought that far.

gwheeler's picture
Activity Score 49

Now that I've looked at all 3, I think they are trying to parallel their image stab. tech with how immoveable these statues are. It works on the other 2 because the figures actually holding the camera are larger, very solid. Doesn't work here because the little dude is small and there's… movement, which we DON'T want. Plus the peeing slapstick is just distracting.

Jaap Grolleman's picture
Jaap Grolleman
Activity Score 6992

I hate Myspace-photographs taken like this.
Solid ad though, I suppose ;p

writersblog's picture
Activity Score 553

Works in Brasil, I suppose.

luispiter's picture
Activity Score 2756

Great work congrats

kleenex's picture
Activity Score 49010

best one of the bunch.

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Ron Burgundy
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Excellent !

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Tspot's picture
Activity Score 241

This one made me think - Why is he taking a picture of himself peeing? The other 2 are better, more clear.

TiltedChairCreative's picture
Activity Score 513

You just answered your own question. It's because he's peeing. He's a kid, he's immature. It's funny.

Boxey's picture
Activity Score 8881

I read this ad as saying that because of the stabilization factor, you can pee while taking photos, and still get great stills.

Lionrome's picture
Activity Score 2

Nice Idea

mikeelrapido's picture
Activity Score 1929

Simple and funny.


leathijs's picture
Activity Score 10

Amazing idea !!!! Just the statue is not famous enought for everyone to understand! To make it even better i would of added a tourist posing next to the statue and it still the statue taking a autoportrait taking a picture of both.

CuriousPencil's picture
Activity Score 4225

I've just got the point of these. The reason they chose statues as the vehicle is because statues are stable, immovable things. Like the images from the product. I now feel like a tool for my earlier stupid rant. Idiot not to get such a difficult link immediately.

MidasTouch's picture
Activity Score 1024

Not amazing but funny.

It would work for people as my mom, she's so fond of statues! :)

//usevertising v.s badvertising//
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