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very cheap art direction and idea.

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ha,ha,ha,very funny

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I know we've had differences with France recently, but they gave the Statue of Liberty to us,albeit in a friendlier time. But why would we now say "The Statue of Liberty vs. The Eiffel Tower"?

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Hey, Ivan is doing a good thing with this site. Lay off. And yeah things get recycled. If you like it, say so. If not, give a valid reason why.

Ok, end of rant.

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There are tons of works out there, some obviously not up to high standards set by our colleagues. Ugly works or not, as long as you don't impose ur own value (or some of our colleagues' value) to the works submitted, you are on the right track. Keep up the good works

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Hey guys, vote for the Statue of Liberty http://coolometer.org/statue-of-liberty-vs-eiffel-tower

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