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Hey Ivan.. I advise you to keep the feedback or Post-a-comment thing for Members only. Remove the option to leave a comment as guests. The 'guest' guy here is the same guy who's been posting so many discouraging notes everywhere. Guys Don't slip out of your brains if you've seen lots of ads around the world. It would be wonderful if we come to know who's actually posting comments. So please Think about my advice. And yeah someones' suggestion to start a studetns section is nice. They need words of encouragement. Not the tips and advise of people like the 'guest' here to discourage students.. Let everybody be verified. And Sarabjit & Manish.. very nice Idea.. bas kuch kammi hai.


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I'll consider the suggestion. Thank you!

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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Jonny Lonestar
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I agree, I appreciate this site so much because it is one of the few avertising blogs that aren't full of haters... true call a spade a spade, but constructive feedback would be nice.

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batter luck next time

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stranger.the advert is well done and thought.

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