Canon: Snake

Advertising Agency: GREY Worldwide Dubai, UAE
Via: Ad Blog Arabia


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Alistair C.
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hehe, why would you need big zoom when you can have image stabilizer? :))

batteries and balls not included.

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this is weak, like most of canon's campaings.

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another eye...

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R. Rinaldi
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Good for elimination.

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I guess this is an old post, right Ivan? If it is not, this is another case for Joe La Pompe.

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ahmed ragheb
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NO COMMENT !! Aweful!?

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at the distance the photographer is from the reptile, that Canon better have some anti-bite stuff too.

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Did they actually retouch the (supposed) picture taker's reflection into the crocs's eye? Yes they did. Puke.

A bad word play in your first line of copy too ("you never know what catches your eye..." wink wink, get it?)

Poor English grammar.

A real winner.

1). Considering the ad is describing future occurrence that has yet to be determined, the tense being used "you never know" is incorrect. In this instance, it should read "you'll never know..."

2). Also, The ad is logically incorrect. With the addition of the photographer's reflections in the croc's eye, we have to assume the picture has already been taken and so "you never know" would be logically incorrect. If the photographer has already taken the picture, then he would know and this copy would have to be in the past tense.

This is professional work, huh? Yikes.

| think small |

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R. Rinaldi
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doesn't say stability as much as zoom, and plus done.

... its already been done...

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good1 far it can hold the attention of viewers its successful ...

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just write
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i like the image... but lemme tell u an eye doesnt catch croc's eye but the whole croc...

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