Canon: Cheetah

Steady shot with ISO 1600 auto shift mode: New IXUS 75.

Advertising Agency: Dentsu Thailand
Creative Director: Nisa Mujjalintrakool
Art Directors: Thongrob Chantarak, Sirode Siramanon, Panote Wangchaiya
Copywriter: Napapatch Kantasil
Photographer: Chup Nokkeaw

June 2008


dasgoodads's picture
101 pencils

Jesus, it looks like an ad promoting cruelty to animals.

teenquey's picture
290 pencils

haha true, but this one is the best out of the three though.

Anurag Sahu's picture
Anurag Sahu
102 pencils

nice nice..good one !

STRTLRS's picture
1601 pencils

The Panasonic ads are better. These look photoshoppy.

I think, therefore... yeah.

Guest's picture

y don't they simply make a specimen or a cat tied on wood? the animal looks dead & totally lack of vitality to me, the equipment looks clumsy too! no one wants a photo without action and vividness. If this is the original one, it is digusting! if it is an imitation, i expect more!!!

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y don't they simply make a specimen of the animal or a cat tied on wood (read the picture inversely)? the cheetah looks dead and totally without vitality, the equipments are clumsy too. make me feel the fotos are artificially made instead of being natural and vivid.

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