Cannes Lions: Pumped, 5

You'll come back as pumped as a stock photo model.

Advertising Agency: McCann, London, UK
Photographer: Max Oppenheim
Chief Creative Officers: Rob Doubal, Lolly Thomson
Creative Director / Copywriter: Mike Oughton
Art Director: Simon Hepton
Digital Team: Thomas Ilum, Carl Rapp
Typographer: Gary Todd
Producer: Anna Henderson


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NY Belfry
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I get this is audience oriented that most agencies would get this and the stock photo play-on thing is interesting in a parody sort of way, but anyone else is going to be very confused by this. Anyone unfamiliar with Cannes Lions is not going to get this or understand what the product is. Kinda ironic honestly.

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Tero Ylitalo
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Who do you think this is aimed for? They nailed it.

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Austin Video Pr...
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hahha good ad.

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It's a bit first-thought. This doesn't really have the legs to stretch out into a full campaign. The headline is the same on every execution, and the visual doesn't change enough to make each ad interesting on its own. So you see the first ad, and you think "Cool. Where's this going?" and then it's just 4 more of the same thing.

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Ah, McCann. That explains it.

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A bit forced but made me smile for sure

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