Cannes Lions: Car

You are never gonna be entirely happy without a Cannes Lion.

Advertising Agency: Artplan, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Creative Director: Roberto Vilhena
Copywriters: Roberto Vilhena, Ricardo Dolla
Art Directors: Bernardo Romero, Tico Moraes
Photographer: Mauricio Nahas
Retouch: Boreal

March 2011


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Dat Le
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It feels like the word "GOING" should've been used instead of "GONNA." It would give it a more authoritative, "this is a fact" feel in my opinion. What do you think? I think it's inconsistent because it says "YOU ARE" vs. "YOU'RE." So it's either "YOU ARE NEVER GOING TO" or "YOU'RE NEVER GONNA." I don't think anyone says "You are never gonna."

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Very useful observation. Thanks!

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Agreed - needs to be consistent: if you're gonna slang, go slang. If you choose not to be, continue so.

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agree on that

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The baby one is better.

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Love it!

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This is so wrong. You are never gonna be entirely happy because you are giving cannes lions such much credit. My god! There´s life outside the adworld and for the 90% is way much better

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This is meant to be an exaggeration. I hardly doubt anyone would abandon their life for work after seeing this ad, unless they're willing to.

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it's a black pencil to me

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