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why would anyone insist on using this visual?...
first (or not so first) smiley faces whit some sad ones in the back (butt) because of the "gases"... etc etc.
this is boring, man. it's old. it's used. it's disgusting.

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thought this was an ad for safe sex

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I think it's a subtle way to talk about something disgusting. I haven't seen this visual resource before.

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indeed, very subtle.

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I applaud the client's willingness to run this type of work (and the agency's ability to sell it.)
It's an extremely difficult category ("professional" pharma) to produce anything remotely "creative" in, especially here in the US.
No, it's not a highly conceptual piece by a long shot. But knowing the different levels of difficulty involved in producing such an ad, I've given it a high mark.

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