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Activity Score 968

Love the colours.

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Activity Score 687

The color is fine, the idea is average. Problem is the whole thing is just very ugly.

--good idea is enemy of great idea

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Activity Score 728

Not fresh at all.

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Jon-Paul Mountford
Activity Score 890

attack of the giant pink tree

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Activity Score 6692

even worse than the other

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Activity Score 830

Not showing a benefit... I mean, do you want sticky teeth?

vwray81's picture
Activity Score 256

Do you realize this ad is the complete opposite of what you want your product to do?

If this is an adhesive for dentures, then how could something so soft as cotton candy be able to rip off your dentures?

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Activity Score 5509

Are you serious? The ad shows a situation in which you wish you would have used the product... Common!
Doesn't mean I like it... Grandpa has damn nice teeth! Even for replacements they look too nice (of course unless this was grandpa's first test after buying them...)

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Activity Score 34

Art direction is horrible

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Activity Score 162

shockingly bad. a ten-year-old could do better.