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Perhaps a physician could tell us, but I thought that it was the bulb that give the brightness and not the power of the battery. 1,5 volt is 1,5 volt, no?

nevertheless, there is something cool in those ads.

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Yeah, I agree. At first sight I thought it was for Maglite.

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yes, but this time they are not selling batteries

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So if Energizer does bulbs lamps, just say it. We are doing advertising here.
For the art museum, just turn left, then rigt, then 200 meters after the traffic light, turn left.

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Been done before. Seen that.

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Yeah, very clever but no riddle. it's cool (and its about an energizer fashlight, brain ;)

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I cant see in the dark .. auch, just bumped my head..

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dew drops
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make me think.... puzzeled

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Malaysian Chinese Boleh!!! Gold winner for sure next year! Fuck, I'm envious!

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I like the image, didnt care to notice the product though!

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That's the idea! Looking at the product last connects the dot to the answer! Bravooo!

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Another People
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Poppy, u really a funny guy. U always critic all the works from Malaysia but this time u suprising like it... i wonder u may from NAGA??? or fren of them??? funny.....

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Brilliant campaign!! for those who has questions about whether this ad is for Energizer batteries or torchlight, ANSWER is ENERGIZER TORCH LIGHT! :) yes, they produce Torch lights as well

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Not my ad, but let me try to explain for those confused. The ad is saying that the flashlights are SO BRIGHT that they even eclipse the brightness of the flame, rendering it a shadow as well.

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wait.. first, (without enlarging the pic) i thought the message is "so bright even other lightsources leave a shadow" but they want to say "the light reflecting from the wall is so bright, the candleflame looks dark"?? think i have to withdraw my first comment :P. If so, why on earth looks the angle of the light, as if it passes right through the candle without lightening it up??? Thats a horrible mistake in execution if you have an already complicated idea.

Ouch my head..

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Haven't there been detergent ads that already employ the "brighter than things that are bright" idea?

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you mean... "done!" ? ;)

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This series is really IRRITATING, and someone screaming for a gold award for it, this is the biggest laughing stock here. What a joke.

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