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i dont get the idea

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they're saying your taste, smell, and skin will be improved by quiting smoking.

pretty nice ads.


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all right!!! gud conncept.
but why that starburst is having creases????/

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again. i don't think smokers are that bothered by smelling like smoke. their sense of smell is diminished, so they can't tell they smell like cigarettes. nor do they care that their skin isn't soft because they will use skin cream instead! same goes for taste.
i don't think any smokers (okay, maybe 1 or 2 out of millions) will care one way or the other about these ads. i highly doubt it will change anyone's habits.

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i would have to disagree with you there. this spot isnt saying that smokers cant tell they smell like cigarettes (people who smoke cigarettes know they smell like smoke, and they can most definitely smell it on themselves) i believe they're saying that if you quit, youll smell smells that you may have forgotten about or just could barely smell while you were a smoker. that your world will become richer and more alive. i doubt very much that 1 or 2 out of a million would not care about their skin, nails, and teeth turning yellow; or not being able to taste the full flavor of their food....ect ect ect

this ad will definitely have an impact as yet another reinforcment to quit for the population of smokers who are considering the big quit.

i, for one, am currently quitting smokes...and this ad is, in a way, demonstratign me how stupid i am for being a smoker as it is masking what my body can interpret form the outside world...further blindfolding me from fully realizing the extent of such a filthy habit.

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okay. they can't smell. so if they can't smell as well as non-smokers, they probably can't tell that they themselves smell like smoke as well as not being able to enjoy other scents.

and this ad didn't provoke you to quit smoking, you are already in the process of quitting (good for you), so you are likely to be more receptive towards other reasons to quit in order to reinforce your resolve.

i still don't think this ad would make a smoker want to quit. the information in these ads is nothing new. we've known for a long time that smoking decreases your sense of smell, taste etc... that has never stopped anyone from starting to smoke. i've had many conversations with smokers, some of them "suits" who don't give a care that they can't taste. they smoke as a stress relief. lots of them won't quit because they are afraid of over-eating and gaining weight 1. because of the oral fixation and 2. because of their sense of taste increasing food will taste better.

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i never said this info was new or that it would provoke anybody to quit.

as i stated above, while this wont be the main reason for quitting, i do believe it may act as a reinforcing factor in the long list of reasons to quit.

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