Canal+: No disturbing breaks, 1

Advertising Agency: SAATCHI & SAATCHI Stockholm, Sweden
Art Director: Gustav Egerstedt
Copywriter: Adam KerjD

April 2009


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this one is better

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LOL.. It nice... The other one in the series is okay!!!

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agree, by far best one of the two

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these are alright but they could have been pushed a lot further.

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you mean no more TV Commercials!!!:( = no more work= no more pay= is canal+ a free channel???? i dont get it

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Wait...advertising the fact that Canal won't have advertising? My head just exploded.

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It may come as a surprise, but this isn't aimed at ad people like us, who will see that feature of the channel with possibly skeptic eyes. For the bulk of viewers, "no advertising" is a very strong selling point.

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Definitely a far better approach than the link

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Definitely this one will help 'Coach Potatoes'....sure!

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This is really lame to be fair. A simple message, and an old one, needs something more intelligent done with it.

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