Canal Brasil: Swimming pool

Some things you only do when you are not being heavily watched.
Canal Brasil.
The freedom only an alternative tv channel can enjoy.

Advertising Agency: Nbs, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: André Lima, Pedro Feyer
Art Directors: Guilherme Almeida Valverde
Copywriters: Cassio Faraco, Fernando Calvache
Illustrator: Estúdio Alice
Published: December 2010


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Nice art !

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I agree,

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Is anyone really heavily watched?

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can some one explain the concept ?

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Nice illustrations, but I'm unable to connect the visuals, the copy and the brand. It's just too contrived.

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I completely agree. I get the story, but where's the connection?

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i guess it means they can show anything since they are an alternative channel (so not many people watch it), same as you can do anything when you're not being watched? maybe?

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Anonymous Author
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Stars are for the nice illustration. Copy suggests they don't want any more viewers; the old catch-22 of alternative coolness.
Anyway, when I fart it's intended for a large audience.

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