Canal Brasil: Restaurant

Some things you only do when you are not being heavily watched.
Canal Brasil.
The freedom only an alternative tv channel can enjoy.

Advertising Agency: Nbs, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: André Lima, Pedro Feyer
Art Directors: Guilherme Almeida Valverde
Copywriters: Cassio Faraco, Fernando Calvache
Illustrator: Estúdio Alice
Published: December 2010


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Its the chef having non veg out there? The connect is not strong enough, its kind of violating the rules..

AlfredoGil's picture
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There seems to be a missing link here...How does this connect with an alternative TV channel?

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I like the style of illustration. Communication clarity ,,,?

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When people are not watched, they do things that are true to their nature, it's real and interesting, not just an act. Main stream TV channels have to go under so much scrutiny and supervision from the audience and the government or responsible bodies, they do not have that many interesting and surprising things for people to watch! Only alternate TV channels can show whatever they want withouth worrying about any complaints

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