Canadian Film Centre: Worldwide Short Film Festival, Short Attention Span

If your short attention span won't allow you to read this entire ad, have we got a film festival for you.

Advertising Agency: Doug & Serge, Canada
Chief Creative Officer: Doug Robinson
Creative Director: Ian Schwey
Associate Creative Director: Jason Buback
Art Director: Ian Schwey
Writer: Jason Buback
Digital Planner: Chris Hirst
Photographer: Daniel Ehrenworth
Published: May 2010


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Jaap Grolleman
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Haha very true, I wouldn't read the full text.

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Even i wont read it... he he

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Even i wont read it... he he

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brilliantly crafted copy. and as the headline says - short attention span - the ad did grab my attention in a short span and compelled me to read the entire text. good work. But it's very true in today's time where everything is happening at breakneck speed, its always better to keep things S&S (short and sweet).

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i would've read the whole thing if it was actually readable. classic advertising.

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Short what?!?

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I read through the whole copy nevertheless, simply because i was so sure since nobody would bother to read it, the copywriter wouldn't bother to write it well. I was wrong, so wrong...wonderfully written, Mr. copywriter n i salute your passion for your job. If it was me, i would have lost interest half-way n not bothered to do a great job till the end of the page. Really well done, appreciate your effort :)


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aah, refreshing

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Read it! Long as it may seem, it wasn't hard to read. Very conversational.. but yea, not a lot would want to read something as looooooong as that.

Good work! ;>

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Great copy! Well done Mr. Buback.

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Not bad, not sure about the AD making it look like a movie script and then calling it an ad?!

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