November 2013

Change can be a scary thing for business, especially when you consider the influence of new technology. This new concept from Idea Studio – crafted by our friends at Tendril – tells the story of a predator that embodies the common symptoms of a business's fear of change. A dragon, made of everything outdated – stacks of documents, strands of cable, old computers, filing cabinets, even disgruntled employees. And like all dragons this one breathes fire, but his fire is actually made of money. For a business struggling to adapt, the only true ally is a consultant with the CMC designation.

Advertising Agency: Idea Studio, Canada
Production Company: Tendril
Creative Directors: Bruce Sinclair, Chris Bahry
Account Director: Roy Levine
Art Directors: Bruce Sinclair, Jocelyn Cheung
Writer: Bruce Sinclair, Jaime Sugiyama
Executive Producers: Caterina Salvatori, Kate Bate
Producers: Linda Couto, Anne Deslauriers
Concept Art: Jason Munger, Rodrigo Rezende
3D Modeling: Victor Hugo, Ben Pilgrim
Textures / Lighting / Render: Brad Husband
Fire Simulation: Marcin Porebski
Compositing: Chris Bahry

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Highest Rated

salil07's picture
Activity Score 143

solid execution!

Hand on my heart

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Activity Score 392

Good concept and nice art.

Andrés Téllez V.

DesignDine's picture
Activity Score 1313

That's a piece of art and idea! Nice!

kleenex's picture
Activity Score 43398

art is solid.

salil07's picture
Activity Score 143

solid execution!

Hand on my heart


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