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great campaign

great cpywriting

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Well, whatever.

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I really like this series for its photography. The copy is a bit pretentious at times (One can almost hear the orchestra playing the crescendo from Debussy's La Mer in the background), and in more than one example, the designer is skirting really, really close to unreadable type. There's also something a bit stomach-churning about the particular *shade* of blue they've used for their post work -- it's not quite blue so much as it is bluish-green, and I can only imagine how this must have seen print in magazines that arent especially careful with colour work.

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Carlos Garcia
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This copy feels like ripped-off of some bad backstreetboys pop song.


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I really hate this copy. I'm rolling my eyes reading it. It says nothing unique about the colour blue - it just plugs in "blue" because that's the dang colour of the water. Show a sunset and talk about "red" and you get the same thing. Blech.

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I like the "two roads" one best . . .now they're all looking the same, talking about blue, blue, blue. Try to mix it up.

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