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I guess it takes 3 Art directors to art direct 3 ads that feature famous creative people in Asia.
Ooops... 2 Art art directors and one Executive Creative Director.
The idea is nice... but sorry, the art direction needs work.
I think these guys probably didn't ask the guys between the covers.
Piyush Pandey's head looks weird in the ad. Wonder if his head and body ratio is like that in real life.
Have a lot of respect for Mr. Pandey.

: : mystique : :

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I'm totally totally confused with this one.

What is the copy trying to say???
You'll be so excited about this thing that you'll want to get to bed?? I'm sorry I really need some explanation..

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the art director is between the front and back covers of our magazine. so you can join them between the covers. dumb idea.

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Me too!

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CRE8IVE: Me three...and three aint a crowd in my book!


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Hmmm, I liked better the killer bulbs.

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the idea of nuzzling with my creative director makes me throw up.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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But we ALL sleep around don't we? It's such an incestuous business we're in! ;D

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hahahahahahahahahahahha good one sbunrs4!

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i know it is kind of weird.
but Leo Burnett Shanghai have done the similar campaign couple of yrs ago,
CD slept with Account director with tagline "shouldn't no boundaries between creative and the account people".

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I think that's different! CD sleeping with Account Director is just totally against creative policy, dumb, stupid and tasteless!

Hahaaa...but Campaign Brief Asia has a better execution and idea.

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very funny and insightful

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You'd think that ads including such renowned figures would be heaps better (Owing to the fact that they would throw up on seeing this rather mediocre piece.)

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shit on a stick

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