Campaign Against Cholesterol, Lego

March 2007

Don’t Play With Your Health. Check Your Cholesterol.
High blood cholesterol is one of the major causes of heart diseases and strokes. There are no symptoms. Testing is the only way to find out. Talk to your doctor.
Ministry of Health.

Advertising Agency: McCann, Portugal
Copywriter: Fabio Seidl
Art Director: Diogo Mello
Creative Directors: Diogo Anahory, José Carlos Bomtempo
Production: Nuno Calado
Photo: Platinum
Ilustration: Platinum
Account: Ana Pedroso
Client: Francisco George
Media: Press and Outdoor

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SummerA's picture
Activity Score 154

The hell is going on here?

klaussnow's picture
Activity Score 1675

oh mememe! pick me!....... apparently legos

... its already been done...

filetomiah's picture
Activity Score 2

No matter how well you dress it up, a bad pun is still a bad pun.

bknowlden's picture
Activity Score 3647

Nicely executed though...

leftfield's picture
Activity Score 165

You guys have got the wrong analogy.

You don't play with your health like lego.

You play with your life like Russian roullette.

For God's sake this is way off the mark.

All that hard work on the execution for nothing.

bubblestheclownfish's picture
Activity Score 614

Agreed. Perhaps a better execution would be a LEGO heart with pieces missing on a white background. It's about cholesterol afetr all. More direct. This seems like an excuse to do Photoshop (though well done photoshop)

Fractal Rene's picture
Fractal Rene
Activity Score 65

The production looks good, but... the idea is just not there.

sloppy4's picture
Activity Score 1494

play...legos get it? this is not good. seems like a college student's first thought. i hope that's the creative director in the hospital bed.

Rog's picture
Activity Score 6082

How dumb does this comes across?

"It's Mabo. It's land rights. It's the VIBE, your honour!"

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

Boony wants a beer's picture
Boony wants a beer
Activity Score 380

Punny, but it looks fantastic.

ron's picture
Activity Score 2

I liked those two (this one and the toy room): they are fresh, got a good execution and a copy that got right there. The only thing I didnt get was some of those comments that sounds like clients talking. "I don't like the Legos" and stuff..Come on! :)

afzal hossain's picture
afzal hossain
Activity Score 12

g o o o d because this old man seemed to be sick

brandsurgeon's picture
Activity Score 693

Oh, my! i think I've finally lost my senses... I can't seem to figure out this ad... now I'm getting paranoid... maybe I HAVE lost my senses! HELP!!!

Most times, worst enemies used to be best friends...

Fleur0379's picture
Activity Score 32

mmmm... is copy only misleading or concept!!!!


preeti_dhata's picture
Activity Score 85

they r saying dont play wid ur health like kids play wid these games..
just lame. just lame. just LAME.

simone's picture
Activity Score 187

It sucks really bad! Worse campaign in these last five days. No doubt.

Clint's picture
Activity Score 53

Has it occured to you that the idea of "Don't play... " may be stronger, better or more literal in Portugese, and that the reason you find it far fetched is bacause you are referring to the english translation?

Guest's picture

I find it very clever, as dont play with your health like children play with lego, very good!

cpaige88's picture
Activity Score 170

Nahhhh, I've already seen so many of these - serious or adult issues put in a child's world. Snooze! Plus it doesn't even work that well, I don't think.....