Caloi Bikes: Brazil

In 110 years, it would be possible to go to the extreme points of Brazil, from north to south or east to west, more than 3200 times on a bike.
Ever since Caloi was founded, thousands of Brazilians dream, have fun and live unforgettable moments on top of two wheels. Pedaling is good for the heart and for the soul. And with all these 110 years in mind is how we celebrate our anniversary.

Advertising Agency: FabraQuinteiro, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director: Paschoal Fabra Neto
Art Director: Bruno Cirello
Copywriters: Ricardo Frezza, Hildebrando Neto
Illustrator: Mauricio Pierro
Published: 2008


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Es interesante ver cómo ilustraciones son tan populares en este momento. Beautiful.

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Only this advert and the first advert have anything to do with celebrating 110 years. The rest are just random, irrelevant bike facts.

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Why does everyone insist on posting all 7 ads in their campaign?

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Not a great week for Brazilian advertising. Nice illustrations though.

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Good way to demonstrate brazilian's culture in an ad! Congrats

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Really modern art direction!! Spot on!!

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Really beautiful campaign. Good advertising!!

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