Calmdog: Fat Dog

Because pets have stress too.
Formulated with a unique blend of herbs to calm the nervous system and counteract stress.

Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG, Johannesburg, South Africa
Creative Director: James Daniels
Art Director: Romy Lunz
Copywriter: Balekane Mokoditoa
Photographer: Michael Meyersfeld
Retoucher: Rob Frew

May, 2016


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Funny. For me this one is better that the others

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Yeah, this is the coolest. The rest doesn't look like the dogs are stressed.

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Probably because you are fat.

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I don't get this one at first sight... Or is it just less good than the others?

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oh god, SAM75, you can't say that. The one with the granny is fun but the others are baaaad, very baaaad. Not fun.
And in this one, why a fat guy with a fat dog ??
And the comparison between fat dog and slim dogs has no reason to be : this is not a race or another exercise like that..
And in the other one, the feeling is not stress, it's anger or something else like that.
I don't understand what happening in advertising today...

Sorry for my bad english, i'm just a belgium man.

capywriter's picture
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Ok, I noticed the dog was fat compared to the others, but I don't see why that's a reason to stress in the given situation... Therefor this one fails for me. Another Belgian ;)

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don't really understand this ad, but the print is funny XD

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I think the other two are better.

thedesignaddict's picture
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Obtuse. No idea what is going on here.

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White people and their flat a$$es - lorrrrrrrrd!

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