Calistoga Beverage Company: Return To Good, 4

Take a refreshing new look at an old favorite.

When the Calistoga Beverage Company decided to launch a new line of water and sparkling juices, we produced an outdoor campaign that reflected the pure goodness of the northern California brand. We think of it as a rebellion against the artificial and a Return To Good.

Advertising Agency: Publicis Dialog, San Francisco, USA
Creative Director: Katie Hopkins
Typography: M & H Type
Photographer: Marshall Gordon
Production: Christopher Nelson
Digital Retouching: Pacific Digital Image


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Nothing refreshing here :o(

Guest's picture

Looks nice, but the lines are soooooo lame.

DaMnn's picture

Harsh words from someone who is anonymous. I think this campaign works, for what it is.

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thats alot of credit for a less than average outdoor.
Ivan, how did this one go through?

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Love it. (I wrote this ad 20 years ago.)

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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What is it today? The international day for over-worked cliches?

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Love the tag 'Return to Good' but I don't understand what's so special abou this ad.

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