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i love the illustrations... very cool!

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I love the copy...very hot!

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viral fever
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nish you are a friggin idiot. the onbly reason this campaign is online here is the illustrations. what's so hot with the copy?

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drunk dave
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Sarcasm always gets lost in type.

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we've got a wide range of smilies to express things, but none of them are applicable to sarcasm. ;) <- This one is the closest.

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Ivan, please do introduce some.

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First thing: I don't ususally go around and ask 'why this campaign is online?'
Second thing: Don't get very serious. My comment was just a take on that of rubberstamp.
Third thing: (Me being a friggin idiot.) Why state the obvious?
Fourth thing: I don't think the copy is bad at all.
Final thing: Bye

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Hey, easy VIRAL FEVER we are here to give comments to learn somthing
I think you are really viral fever, so stay calm and just write somthing

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art direction is cool, but let me ask: what this illustrations are saying? is just to be cute? without a comunication subject? just 'art'?
well, i think art direction in AD has to have comunicates elements, not just to make AD "cool", beaty, cute, whatever.
the copy is just normal.
i bet this team can do better jobs.

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I think the art direction in this AD says : "Hey, man... we are from your world, SURF.". I like it, prety cool.

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i feel the typography could use a complete overhaul...it's a chore to decipher that text! Also, in my opinion, the illustration is so-so at best. It has some surf board and sea creature traits worked into the details but nothing outstanding.

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Nice design.

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That font is flat out AWFUL. i do not like.

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cheers to Gilberto Barros .. Great Illustration and Art Direction.

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