Calgary International Film Festival: Alex

Only the best films make it.

Advertising Agency: WAX, Calgary AB, Canada
Executive Creative Director: Joe Hospodarec
Creative Director: Scott Luit
Art Directors: Brian Allen, Brad Connell
Copywriters: Tim Anderson, Stephanie Bialik, Andrew Payne
Photographer: Roth & Ramberg
Retouching: Robyn Jamieson, Amy Senecal
Published: September 2010


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Beautiful Photography.

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Nice idea

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These don't do anything for me. For starters they dont talk to the audience and also i feel you could put almost any companies logo on the bottom of an idea like this.

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Is showing a born-to-be-miserable person in a miserable state the great idea here? reading the i copy asked myself, "what would have this guy done there had he been selected?" Very good execution but what can you do when the idea is not working!


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Not a big fan of these. Showing some random person crying and tagging it with "Only the best films make it" doesn't really connect.

Seems like this idea could be used for any product. Picture of winemaker crying, tagged with, "Only the best wines make it into our store".

If it were about some demographic of people who are known for being tough, at least there'd be something slightly unexpected. I don't know..."only the best bikers allowed into our bike show." and some Hell's Angel crying...I'd be mildly amused. These are just random people crying. Doesn't really do anything for me.

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I guess they are more particular about their film selection than their ad selection.

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I donno... it's a change seeing grown men cry..............................

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For me the copy reads as "ONLY BEST MAKE THE FILMS IT".

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