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Neat work. Copy is simple and good.

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i agree

i really like this campaign a lot

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I like the potatoes and carrots. They are actually growing in the earth so it really makes sense. But the tomatoes? That's not how they grow. I know it's about the small ones being the new crop. But still. It bugs me.

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Great campaign. But I agree, this execution in particular would have been nicer had they been shot on a vine. The carrots and potatoes are great though.

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Phil Lestino
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Sweet.........and by the way inesta potatoes grow under the ground

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Yes, I know (trust me, I know). That's why I said that it bugs me. I know what they want to say. And I think the visuals are great as such. But it just makes more sense to have potatoes and carrots placed on earth than tomatoes. But maybe that's just because grew up with growing vegtables and am still related to the farming industry. It just looks wrong.

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