Calgary Farmers' Market: Cheese

Fresh all winter.

Advertising Agency: WAX, Calgary, Canada
Creative Director: Joe Hospodarec
Art Director: Brian Allen
Copywriter: Stephanie Bialik
Photographer: Ken Woo
Published: November 2010

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SIMPLE PUT. Well done lad!

Yes this ad falls into one of the techniques for coming up with a ad. (Good old No: 12 - SHAPE AND PERSPECTIVE)


Those techniques are there for a reason!

I love making stuff look like other stuff. Even if it is the oldest trick in the book. Combine that with some FREAKING AWESOME art direction and use of space. AND WHAM!

Your ripping through the clutter like an Australian mongoose on heat! Now THAT'S BEEFED!

but really what makes these ads work. IS INSIGHT BABY! I love me some good insight. I need more....more...GIVE ME MORE!

Why do i go to the market... because i like those little mushrooms to be fresh. YES THAT'S RIGHT I SAID IT.... I think mushrooms are little.

Although how fresh is cheese?

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By far the best comment I have ever gotten on adsoftheworld. Thanks for the positivity. Brian.

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I bet you like it, he called your work "FREAKING AWESOME art direction"...
He is right by the way.

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Roger Keynes
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I'm just stoked to be the commentor right next to BoR.

Will Think for Salary

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So how would one show winter freshness for things like, lettuce, green apples and broccoli?

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What a pedantic comment!

Obviously you cannot use those foods in this campaign - but you don't need to! It is pretty obvious to me by these few ads that those foods will be there too. They can't use every single food that is available at the market in this one campaign can they!

It is a great series of adverts - as they always are for Calgary Farmers' Market.

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