November 2009
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Fresh for the holidays.

Advertising Agency: WAX Partnership, Calgary, Canada
Creative Directors: Sebastien Wilcox, Joe Hospodarec
Art Director: Brian Allen
Copywriter: Tim Anderson
Photographer: Brent Mykytysyn

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I hear your point. And you're right.

In reading your comment I realized that brand differentiation depends so much on the context. Unfortunately on a site like this you're working on a bit of a vacuum. First CFM are advertising to a local upper middle-class crowd who don't mind spending a little more for quality and are used to a higher end shopping experience. The other local farmers' markets are notoriously un-commercial and unpolished. (Actually just the fact that CFM advertises differentiates the brand). Grocery stores advertise but it's in the form of a star-bursty flyer that says 'we have produce for cheap! (and we also sell fruit in a can!)'

Most of the advertising that CFM does attempts to elevate the brand beyond the cheap retail or a dirty/disorganized experience. That is really what differentiates the CFM brand in this case.