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Im sorry but I dont get them...can someone explain please.

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grey=dirty ghost

it's logic....

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Andy Schlong Da...

damn, i didn't get it then. i thought it was
shark = eating = digestion = shit = this ad
or maybe
circular shape + shark = shark's butthole = jean cousteau.

anyway, way too complicated to say 'jean cousteau'

Andy Schlong Daphong Wrong

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I like them. And I also like that the three executions show the breadth of the idea, even if it is a simple one.

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This one has red at the end to portray blood from a shark bite. The second had little bites taken out of the numbers, and the other one had a shark fin in place of an entire week; suggesting that the shark ate it.

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Now I know you should never underestimate your audience, but this _is_ a bit complicated...

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actually the third one is meant to show that the shark has scared the numbers from that week to the other side of the calendar. it's the best one, in my opinion.

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Those are the days that shark week lasts.

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It reminds me my period week

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Hey Natts... now i got ur period dates...... ha haaaaa but its too long..... :((((((((

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hey, cool! now you got her period dates! whooohoooo!
you're one of those used-tampon nibblers, eh?

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not good

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I like this one very much as it plays on the way the sundays are usually marked. I think it's fun to figure it out, but I doubt the target audience will.

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Is it sundays? is it blood? is it boring? is it dull?

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pura mierda

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Scam Detector
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What I find a disturbing trend is that good brands fall victim to mediocrity.
Is it really justified to have 2 ECDs and 1 CD with this kind of agency output?
I think Spanky has used the exact right words for this campaign.

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Hey Natts... now i got ur periods dates...... ha haaaaa

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Doesn't grab me.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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The absolute BEST work I've seen for Discovery Channel's "Shark Week" was a tv spot done some years ago showing a bunch of different scenes of people slowly backing away from the "water", be it a public swimming pool, a bath tub, an inflatable circular pool in someone's backyard, etc. Because, you got it, they are afraid to go in the water...
It was such a simple and stunningly beautiful commercial that, to this day, I'm still wishing I'd done it.
You know it's a great spot when someone can describe it to you in a couple of short sentences and you can totally visualize it in your head.

It was just brilliant.

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Not very easy to get.

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Doesn't really work for me and and why does the shark week has 8 days

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boring - the idea as well as the art direction. and not that easy to get...I wanted to be more constructive but this is just it...

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funny! great stuff!

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NOT making me die to watch the show.

Jaggy, MICA Ahmedabad

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just so so. expected

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es una hablaramos de paises poronga como colombia bueno..pero argentina es una potencia en publicidad, y esto es una verguenza.

ponganse un puesto en la playa muchachos.

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si ufff queda "clarisimo" que argentina es una "potencia en publicidad" (pfff, sobretodo con este) lo q mas bien queda claro es q argentina esta lleno de charlatanes con el ego por las nubes... busca publicidad colombiana no solo aqui en ads of the world y veras que estas equivocado. comienza revisando "mis favoritos" aqui en este site (haciendo click en mi nombre) q esta lleno de solo publicidad Colombiana, a ver si cierras el pico y aprendes a RESPETAR

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Amit Ratan

The concept is really very gooe and the wat it executed its really very good and the layout is also sobar and good it works.


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es aburrido, casi imposible de entender, simplemente no funciona para nada......

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