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Mmmmm... Maybe if I turn it around.... mmmm, nop!

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With such a product, they can do hell of a better campaign than this animal shit that we're seeing now. Gosh!

Well, I guess maybe this is a scam ad, that's why it's so crappy.

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God, can anyone explain this?

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Furious, aggresive car. The jeep inside a double barrier cage. THat's what I get from it.

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Marvelous, a really appreciatable efforts from the Assyria team, Outstanding!!!!. Hope ull be more wilder in producing ur thoughts in ur future, all the very best!!!! Excellent... Looking forward to seeing more such innovative ideas. Good Luck. God bless u all.

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I think that a brand like Jeep can be approached in another way. The message should be all about freedom, because that's what you are getting with the car... you are not buying a machine, you are getting the opportunity to be free, to go where no one has been before. I think that's more inspirational than a "beast inside" message. These ads looks very basic on my taste.

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