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since they have the power of remote ..then why r they still lukin the way they are???!!!!

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been done. the other camp has gone one up on the same idea.

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Simple idea and nice execution. I like it

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strong insight. i think thy're looking the way they are because that's how they look anyway (serious). if you ginevra mean the clothes, of course is for us to identify them.
it's not wow, it's just ok.

but i'd like to see if this control has something different, 'cause "what you want when you want" is a very good promise for a Tvo or recorder, not sure about a control.
even if i'm alone in the house the programs i like won't start "when i want", so...

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i think ginevra is talking about the expression on their faces, which totallly screems "arrogance and power".

totally agree, mm&i, this is a very strong insight reflected on a simple and strong execution.

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i think "rule your television" is the same insight. the sub is rather a repetition, were they should have rather written wft that thing does do. btw: i also think "rule television" had been much stronger for those visuals. rulers don't just rule one tiny thing. but apart from that i like the campaign

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this one works better picture wise.

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