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Its Funny...

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nice, it remind me the famous old movie that i used to like it very much when i am a kid
The "emotion" of the waiter fly was impressive !

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like this and the monster one, are the funny ones

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Totally agree. The lumberjack and shoe ones are just a bit too forced.

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haha love it because it's a twist on a human truth

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Nice approach for the category. I like the Flies and the Monster. The other ones are way too off and forced.
I can tell that having these two pieces as reference, it's pretty easy to come up with a couple of human truths that work perfectly with the reverse thinking idea. So, the work is pretty much done here. Nicely btw!
All the pieces got a lovely art direction. (Excepting the lumber one).

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What if we have a skeleton as a patient and the Doctor is showing an X-ray that reveals his external body, with skin and stuff? "Cadbury's reverse bar. Wafer outside, chocolate inside".

Comments? lol.

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it will look like a regular photo.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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umm... waiter, there's a human in my soup!

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Tomasz Rybak
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